Hair Removal


You will not find any messy, unhygienic wax pots or spatulas at Clarence Place Beauty ! 

I choose to use the PhD waxing system. This is why… Pots of wax are left open to germs; spatulas are dipped in and out of the wax repeatedly transferring germs, dead skin cells, blood and all sorts of nasties into the wax ready to be passed to you, the next client ! 

PhD is a hygienic and disposable method of removing unwanted unwanted hair ! It is the only system in the world to use a unique applicator head with a built in safety device to prevent the backflow of wax into the tube eliminating the risk of cross contamination. Beware, although some tube waxing systems may look similar they are not, they do not have this unique device which is patented to PhD. A new applicator is used for each client, they are supplied in pre-sealed bags, and will be attached and thrown away assuring you of a professional, hygienic treatment without the risk of cross infection every time.

1/2 leg

20 mins    £15.00

3/4 leg

30 mins    £19.00

Full Leg

40 mins     £22.50

Full Leg and Bikini

60 mins     £30.00


40 mins     £22.50


40 mins     £22.50

Under Arm

40 mins     £22.50

Full Arm

40 mins     £22.50

1/2 Arm

40 mins     £22.50

Face (sides)

40 mins     £22.50

Top Lip (or chin)

40 mins     £22.50

Lip & Chin

20 mins     £12.50

Eye Brows

10 mins     £9.00


45 mins     £25.00


40 mins     £27.00